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Made from 100% of recycled clear glass, through a complex burners system, are used as fillers in several  market sections.

Thanks to their roundness, 80% min., they give to the product higher technical strength performing on its characteristic, reflective effect, filtering water, give fluidity, reduce high cost materials (es. resins), used as filler and abrasives.


Those glass beads are available in different range from 1 up to 1100 microns.



The hollow glass beads, are an inorganic, not metallic and ultralight product with high performance on the application of composites materials. Their application, gives to the products several advantages as well as lightness, thermal conductivity, high-pressure resistance and fluidity.

They can be use as fillers in paints, resins, artificial resins, light stucco, gas and petroleum purposes.

The high performance given from this product, it is also an alternative as talc, silica, carbonates, etc...

Thank to their low density particle sizes, the hollow glass beads, are used to reduce the weight of product and save money on the raw material high costs.



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